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Participate & Credits

This is the place where you can learn more about the origin of the Project.

The Artist presented some of his works to classic publishers in Europe. As you may know, an industry is an industry. When you show something different or uncommon, which is not in the business trend, you have few chances to go further.

So, the idea was to publish the comics as a slide show online. And step-by-step, it appeared more interesting and dynamic to make videos of them.

And with this format, adding music and voices gave more strength to the entire story. Some people around Kin agreed to participate in this journey.

GIB & JIP for the Music.
LAI & JAM for the English voices.
JEA & JUA for the Website
EIA & JOS for the Air I breathe.
JAQ & EIA for the Translation

Thanks to all of them for being the first passengers

Participate is a way to involve people who are not professional but interested to do something creative with their gifts around Kin Le Voyageur’s universe.

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